About Hoppes & Associates Financial

Hoppes & Associates entered the insurance business in 1991 with one thing in mind: helping people with lower cost insurance and simple-to-understand explanations about the products. Hoppes & Associates Financial are dedicated to helping Texans secure a safe and guaranteed retirement without all the hassle and worry of risky investments. With over 40 years of collective experience, Hoppes & Associates understand the complexities of the changing markets and can show you ways to avoid volatility while still growing your hard-earned retirement money. Their motto is, “Safety First. Profit Second.”

About Lance Hoppes

Lance Hoppes

Lance takes a conservative approach to making certain his clients never lose money on their retirement nest eggs. His motto is, “Safety First. Profit Second.” And he lives by it daily. Lance prides himself on his devotion to saving clients retirement funds from potential risky investments and helping them grow that money in a safe way.