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A Word From Robin & Lances Hoppes:

You are going to find that this information is written to be just for you, although it fits millions of Americans all across this great nation. When we wrote this book, we wanted to speak to you average, hard-working Americans.

We are Robin and Lance Hoppes, average hard working Americans just like you, following the principles of our fathers and grandfathers. We are “old school” Irish and German heritage, tight fisted financially, God loving and God fearing with a great love of family and country.

We remember stories of our fathers and grandfathers when it came to finances. If you make a dollar, put half of it away for a rainy day. Don’t spend more than you make and don’t waste, gamble, or risk what you can’t live without. Don’t be a slave to credit and find a safe place for your money that has a decent return.

What you are about to learn from our book is what we use in our business, how we live by God’s laws, and how we’re good stewards and use wisdom when it comes to preserving and growing your retirement nest egg.

We put a lot of time and effort into writing this book and are sure you’ll love it. So download your free copy right now when you sign up for a complimentary financial review.

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